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[21 Jul 2005|03:21pm]

Assistant Physical Education Instructor, that's what I am. My title means I'm supposed to helping someone teach these girls but I might as well have assistant dropped off cause I run this class. Walking over to stereo I turn it on. A heavy bass and loud guitar greet my ears and I close my eyes slowly streaching. Faith was the one who told me that she trained while listening to music. I took it up to find that the rhythm was good cause martial arts is like a dance, a deadly dance, but a dance nonetheless. A series of motions and steps we just learn to use them to defeat an oppenent.

Turning around I see the gym beginning to fill up with slayers of all races, religions, and ages. Picking up the remote I turn the music down once everyone is standing before me.

"Alot of you have been complaining about the physical aspect of this class and guess what...I don't give a damn. Most of you believe that since you're slayers you don't need to hone your skills because you already have the speed, agility, and stamina. You might have the gift but that means nothing unless you can use it to your full potential.", I walked across the room watching their faces as they took that in."We learn the different martial arts when I think you're ready. How can you expect to truly understand an art when you don't know the basic about the colors? You can't. Today I've decided we need to improve on your mental strength. The body can't work without the mind and the mind means nothing without the body. Mind, body and spirit have to be one girls.", I noticed a few chuckles and grinned myself. I knew how it felt to be in their shoes with someone telling you how to be a slayer.

"You laugh but I'm serious. Once you get those three things in tuned together your body will do things before you can comprehend because it's doing what you want as you think it. So, I want a volunteer to step up."

(Open to the slayers)
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My Life is only just beginning [20 Jul 2005|10:40am]

[ mood | melancholy ]

If it isn’t one thing it is another. The life I knew is gone and I am left to pick up the pieces. I only wish I knew where to begin.

Apparently I am a slayer, a chosen one to fight the demons of this world. I already have plenty of demons of my own, in everyday life. I don’t see how I can take on the demons of this world. My nightmares are real, the charade is gone. My worst fears are real and I must face them.

Ignore is bliss. I keep saying that over and over to myself. Before I discovered the truth, I had some hope. Is there really hope? Are there more things out in this world that I have yet to discover? Do I really want to know?

With what little belongings I have, I face the entrance of my self discovery. It is a school where others such as myself are trained. Are we pawns in a game of chess or are we heros? I guess that is something I will learn.

Clem is his name. That is he who greeted me and introduced me to my new world. I really have no idea what he is and I was too polite to ask. All that really mattered was know that this is my new home. The past is gone. My future is at hand.

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Broken Doll in a Broken World [19 Jul 2005|12:37pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

She was a broken little girl. Lost to the world never fitting in, The Bride cried often. She was feared by children and mocked by others. Her appearance was far from pleasing to the human eye.

With time she had learned how to stitch herself back together when she fell apart. She hated who she was and wished she could be real. Questions stirred in her mind like nightmares that would never end.

Why was she left like this?

What was her creator thinking when he made her?

Did he want her to be hated by others?

She had no name that she knew of. She simply was The Bride.

She was a creation that others would not envy. Only the desperate could love her.

She did not understand the meaning to "seeing the world through rose colored glasses." There was no joy, she had no smile. In her world there was only pain and sorrow.

Often she wondered, "Why did she even bother sewing herself back together again?"

She knew the answer, because deep down she had a hope. Buried beneath her tears lived a small tiny hope that some day, someone would find her and make her real.

There was a blur from right and wrong. She knew the difference to an extent but still she would hurt others. Her pain was deep and wanted someone to notice. If she hurt them enough perhaps they would understand her. Perhaps someone would show compassion.

Survival was her motivation. It did not matter if others suffered around her. No she only wanted to make it through each day. Whether or not someone got in her way, The Bride would do what it took for her to get by.

There was an evil growing in her more and more each day. The more she hurt the darker she became. Her laughter came at others expense. It was then that she thought she could smile. Pleased with herself, The Bride flipped between mood swings time and time again.

Her life was a living hell and she wanted out. Then again maybe she didn’t.

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[18 Jul 2005|10:49pm]

Dru had decided to play a bit of hide and seek wtih Buffy. The moment Buffy even blinked, Dru had slipped back into the shadows. But she kept close, and made the occasional noise to clue Buffy in that Dru was still around her. And besides, Dru thought, what with the super Slayer hearing and what-not, she was sure Buffy knew Dru was still playing her game.

But Dru was getting bored now and she wanted her prize. Even if it meant a small prize, she wanted a reward for her trials. "So," Dru said, finally stepping out of the shadows and facing Buffy.

"Shall we dance or pose for fancy pictures?"

[[Open for Buffy and whoever else ^_^]]
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Alone in this world [17 Jul 2005|05:15pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

The laughs. The stares. People pointing and mocking me for my appearance.

A creation. A failure that is what I am.

Stitched together barely holding up. I am left alone to repair myself. Though I am not real, it does not mean I do not have feelings or desires. I once saw the story of Pinocchio. He was a toy, a puppet who only wanted to be a real boy. I wonder if someday I to can become real and not be this horrible vision. Kids run away in fear screaming when they see me. I am what nightmares are made of.

My maker is gone and I am left to wander this world, searching out for help.

Recently I have heard murmurings of an inbalance in the world. Demons and monsters are afraid. Where once there was just one girl to fear there are many. I have learned some are gathering together to train and learn. Perhaps it is there that I can get the help I need. Perhaps they can fix this mess I have become.

(open to anyone one in the Academy)

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Oh Danny Boy, The Pipes, The Pipes are calling [17 Jul 2005|04:45pm]

[ mood | sad ]

My Father use to sing that song to me. There was a saddness in his eyes and I often wondered who was he thinking of while he sang. He never shared much of his past life with me. There was much never said between us. I loved him and even though he never used those words to show me his love for me, I knew he did indeed love me.

We both watched my Mother's life slip from her. The cancer in her body spread rapidly never giving her a chance to fight. I was only 16 when she was gone and my Father was left to raise me. He was hardly ever sober after her passing. He never did sing to me anymore. The pain and sorrow in his eyes spoke volumes. He never admited to me how much he missed her. Sometimes I would catch him staring at a picture of her and I could see the tears forming in his eyes. He use to tell me that crying showed weakness. I was often scolded and punished for crying. However at Mother's funderal, I cried long and hard. Years of pent up sorrow came flooding out.

I watched my Father drink himself to death. It was like, he had no reason to live when Mom was gone. She was the joy in both of our lives. No matter how hard times would get, she could make us smile. Our joy in this world was gone and my Father lost his will to live.

Today I stood before their graves. Once again they were side by side of each other. This was where they belonged. Now it is my turn to live and perhaps someday find joy again. A couple of years ago I began experiencing some very unusual changes. My Father ignored my concerns.

Alas he was too burdened to notice me. Notice the young woman I was becoming.

I left a bundle of clover at their place of rest. It was a time to go forward and not look back. It was time for me to return to my roots and find some faith. Was there a purpose for my exisitance? Can I ever be a aprt of something larger then me? Or am I to be lost in this busy world alone without love or joy?

Lighting a candle before the alter at my parents parish I gave a simple prayer. I prayed to Our Holy Mother seeking some hope, some guidance. I prayed to learn how to cry.

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[17 Jul 2005|03:58pm]

A note left on Casey's door addressed to Miss HelgenbergCollapse )

"Hey handsome." With a smile I lightly took of the leather lead, which was attached to Brakus' halter, from the handler who had brought the stallion to me from the recently rebuilt stable. The reconstruction of the building had been completed three days prior and my horses, four of them, had arrived yesterday, late morning.

They had all appeared in good health, a veterinarian friend of mine from England had accompanied the horses to the States and gave them all a good going over once they had been brought to the Academy.

"Your note has been left for the slayer, Danielle." I heard the familiar, masculine voice of Micah from behind me as I gently stroked Brakus' neck. Micah was head trainer back at the stables on my family's estate in England and he now was in charge of the stable and horses here at the Academy. I would trust no one else to see to the well being of my pride and joys.

"Then I have someplace to be," handing the lead I had had gripped within my fingers to Micah. Leaving the area of the stables I walked across the grassy field toward the main cluster of buildings that made up the Academy.

(Open to Casey)
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Can you see my pain? [15 Jul 2005|05:44pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Life is nothing but empty promises and lost dreams. Torn apart to crumble and fall that is the life i have lived.

Smiling faces full of hope, are shattered into nothingness. That is my world.

Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall
Humpty Dumpty had a Great Fall
All the King's Horses and all of the King's Men
Couldn't Put Humpty Back Together Again

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Lost and confused [15 Jul 2005|05:29pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Am I the only one missing Warren? I have wandered the halls both day and night and still no sign of my Warren. Who has him? Is he hurt and neededing my help? Can't anyone notice that he is gone?

To focus on class and training is of the upmost of importance, and I must take the time required to work. Still I wish I knew where Warren was?

Have you seen Warren?

(open to any student in the hall)

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[15 Jul 2005|02:46pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

I sat in my room and blasted the original Broadway cast recording of "Wicked!" and stared out the window. I had my computer on, playing about on Neopets, but I wasn't really paying attention. My thoughts were on my upcoming date with Nikolas. I wondered if he'd ever given thought to becoming a Watcher. Hmm...could be quite interesting. I smiled to myself.

I'd thought about trying out for the musical, even gone to the meeting. But after hearing more about it, it really hadn't appealed to me. Mr. Andrews, the one with the cat, hadn't been too clear on the details, as far as plot and characters. It sounded like they were trying to recreate a mishap that had occurred years ago in Sunnydale. From what I've heard and read, the citizens of Sunnydale, including the Scooby Gang, hadn't been that thrilled about it the first time around. And now they wanted to recreate it? Didn't make much sense to me, but whatever.

I checked the date. Speaking of Harry Potter schools...huh. That's right. Sometime in the mail tomorrow, I should be recieving the newest book by JK Rowling. Wow. I must have been busy lately to completely forget about it!

Then again, what with classes and life in general....

I figured I should start getting ready for that date with Nikolas. He would be here in awhile. While I went through my closet, I left the main door to my room open, and left the CD player on as I sung along loudly.

((Open to anyone, and eventually, Nikolas))

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[11 Jul 2005|02:55pm]

I am walking back to the school with angry and deliberate steps. I can't believe what Faith and Giles did to me. Since when did he become cruel? I can answer my own question. It was the moment he started hanging out with Faith. I hope she's not planning on staying around because that's the last thing these impressionable young girls need. And now she's hitting on Gunn who is one of my only friends at this stupid place.

But my anger and annoyance has to be put on the back burner. Drusilla is wandering around the grounds somewhere, so it isn't safe to be out and about on my own. I hope Buffy's ok. I'm a little bit worried. If Dru was easy to kill, she'd be dead already.

The school's coming into sight now, and just when I'm beginning to relax, I see someone in the distance. I squint my eyes, trying to make out the form, but it's no one I've ever met before.

(Open to Glory)
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[07 Jul 2005|11:55pm]

The Class was bustling, and a few more Slayers had started to show.
Which was good.

"Okay, people! Listen up!"
The hustle-and-bustle quieted down.

"Apparently they've got some sort of a ..musical thing planned?"
A few "yeah"'s in response.

"Okay, if you're trying out for this..thing.. I probably won't cut you much slack. Since it doesn't cut off from this class, you'll still need to keep up with your studies here. Fair?"
Again with the "yeah"'s.

"Cool. Now, since you've been paired up large-small, I want to try something new."

I figured sizes in my head.

"Okay. 6'5" to six foot. Stand in one group."
I thought.
"5'11" to 5'6", stand in another group. 5'5" to Five foot, stand in another."
I paused.
"Below five foot, you're in a group all to yourselves. Is that everyone?"

((OPEN to any Slayers. Those wanting to be in the Musical, shout out!))
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After class activities [03 Jul 2005|12:31am]

[ mood | melancholy ]

"So what have we learned so far about the animal minds?"

My question went out to the various students that were sitting in front of me. It was obvious that they weren't paying attention, and that irritated me. I could see that some students were even drifting off to sleep...Which irritated me more. My lessons were never simply dull lectures. They usually included a demonstration and trial on the student's part, but now I was just upset. I let out a thunderous roar that nearly rocked the foundations of the classroom. The students were instantly up.

"Now...As I was saying. The animal mind will always be there. No matter how much control you think you have, no matter how good of a shifter you think you are, it will always be there. You must learn to have a stronger will than it. Otherwise it will take hold and gain control. Any extreme emotion while in another form can trigger the animal mind taking hold, or simply if you're weak minded. It's pure instinct can dominate."

I paused.

"Predators are usually very calm and docile. They are at the top, and have nothing to fear. They will be the easiest to control. Unless challenged, then they get angry."

Pacing in front of the classroom I flicked a switch. The proejector played footage of my form of preference for fighting...The Siberian Tiger. The screen showed it during calm times, playful times, and then during it's ferocious times. The tiger was the epitome of deadly. Sleek, fast, agile, graceful, powerful, and beautiful. I turned off the projector.

"Prey animals on the other hand...Are more difficult to control. They are constantly in a state of pure and utter terror. If one's not strong enough mentally...You won't gain control. Some are never able to handle the fear of prey animals. I have. It's difficult, but it can be done."

The bell rang and the students began to file out.

"Okay, I want all of you to write up a paper on the difference between becoming prey animals and predators. Due tomorrow."

After a few minutes my classroom was empty. Walking over to my desk I took a seat behind it. Some of these students might never be able to use the full myriad of animal forms, but a few might, and if I could help all of them at least prevent unwilled changes...Especially the lycans of the group...Then I would be happy. A sigh escaped my parted lips and I leaned back in my seat to relax. I had my upcoming dinner with the slayer I had met a few days prior. The thought of that brought a smile to my face.

(Open to anyone who wants to stop by Nikolas' classroom)

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Looking for the other Summers [29 Jun 2005|08:50pm]

Once Buffy left I walked through the halls, telling every one to return to their room. There were some girls who wanted explanations but I told them I was just doing what Buffy said. As I made my way through the campus I found out where Dawn was; in the pub.

Walking in I saw her, Giles, and Faith.

"Hey guys, I got some bad news. Drusilla is out and about."

*Open to anyone*
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On the Hunt [28 Jun 2005|11:01pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

I ran outside with a crossbow in my hand. I knew getting close to Drusilla was a deadly mistake, but I also couldn't underestimate her. I just prayed my crossbow would find a way into her chest.

I didn't know where to look and part of me hoped I wouldn't run into her. The farther away from the campus she was, the better. But if she was looking for a fight, she found it. I wouldn't let her lay a finger on one of the girls.

I turned a corner and heard a rustling in the distance. I stopped mid-step and held my breath, listening for any indication of who or what it was.

(open for Dru or anyone else)

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Where is Buffy? [27 Jun 2005|09:09pm]

I made my way through the halls heading for Buffy's room. It worried me that there was a vampire bold enough to stroll the campus where slayers were trained. That's beyond having balls. Not only that she had some kind of power over me.

Reaching Buffy's room I knocked on the door.

*Tag Buffy*
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At least our lives are not boring [26 Jun 2005|12:40am]

[ mood | anxious ]

It was good to see Casey fit in somewhere. She seemed to be doing fine at the academy. She'd even made friends. I, on the other hand, didn't seem to be doing much as far as the socializing.

I'd been learning under Mr. Giles' watch (not intending to pun) for a few months and I still wasn't quite convinced that I'd be any good as a watcher. It wasn't my calling. Not like Casey's calling had been being a slayer. Do watchers get called? If so, it's delayed or I'm just not getting one.

There was this part of me, though, that truly wanted these girls to be safe, not just my sister. I might not know much about being a slayer, but I know the job is dangerous. I know my job is intended to help protect these girls.

... once I study more, that is.

I sit down in study hall to work again, to read in a quiet place. I've been here a lot lately. I've just been thinking about things.

See, writing? That could be something I know I'm good at. Journalism? Anything but this. But, maybe that's why I'm here. To learn something new. It's not something you'd learn in a regular college. Then again, this would never be - in any way, shape, or form - a regular college. Part of me is glad for that fact, despite the mere knowledge of existence of vampires has nearly turned my life and my sister's upside down.

At least our lives are not boring.

((Open to whomever wants to talk to Mike))

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[24 Jun 2005|02:36pm]

I'm one of the oldest slayers in this place. And, like, it's getting kind of old. I mean, here we are, to train and whatever. Which, okay, is good. But I've been in training since I was eleven! That's almost a decade! I've been a slayer now for a couple of years, as well. And in no way am I saying that I know everything. Hardly! But...here, this academy...

At least in England, we were in the real world, not so secluded and hidden away. We're our own little society here. It gets so old sometimes. Just...argh.

I've skipped a couple classes lately. I mean, hello, nice weather outside. Why would I want to be stuck inside a classroom? Ugh, as if. I love my magicks classes, so of course I've been at those. But real world applications? Whatever. And I'm sure people have noticed, but again, who cares? There are so many of us here, all of us learning, what's one slayer in the mix?

I have been spending a lot of time at the library lately. Just reading up on different demons, studying languages, researching various stuff. The library has this really nice, enclosed courtyard, some gorgeous fauna around there. And a nice little corner, out of the way, where I can do all my reading without interruption.

You know, for someone that used to thrive on attention and the like, I sure have become kind of a loner since getting here. I wonder what Dawn's up to. And Gunn...

((Open to whomever wants to wander into the library courtyard))
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Some service [23 Jun 2005|09:44pm]
Yeah so Mr. I think I'm a big shot watcher just drops me off at this office. Hello? I'm not exactly familiar with this place being that I just got off a plane known as dead. Jeez. Have people really become this dense? So I wasn't pleasent company. But you try going from higher plane, to being controlled by a demon that gave birth to itself, then to a coma, then all ghosty and then dead. And now alive again. I really want to know what's going on and I would prefer to know now, not later.

So I opened the door to this office and guess what? Not the person I wanted to talk to. Sure didn't look like Wesley or Giles. Oh wait, that's cause it's not. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I didn't even know who this guy was. Tall, black muscular, goes by the name Robin Wood. Nope not familiar to me. Oh for the love of the powers this is a nightmare in a box. I just want to be at peace. But no. I get called back and now I am walking around two minutes after I was just dead.

I told this guy I had the wrong office and the help around here wasn't exactly helpful. I was about to leave when he stopped me. "What exactly were you looking for? Maybe I can help you out?" He asked. Oh god, let's hope so. "I'm looking for Wesley. I need to see him oh I don't know, now?" I crossed my arms. Yeah buddy, not exactly in the mood to be messed with or shuffled around anymore. I just wanted to find Wesley and figure all of this out before my head explodes.

"Ah I see. Not a problem miss...? I can show you to his office."

I watched him and sighed with relief. Thank god. Soemone who actually was capable of something. "Chase. And it would be a big help if you could." I said as I followed him down a few corridors. God this place was of the enormity. Next time I see that Caspar guy, I'm gonna personally thank him for sending me to the wrong person. This has been such a long day. Sleep was definetely in order after I know what the hell is going on. It's such a simple question yet I go from person to person who by the way know absolutely nothing about me or why I'm here.

We made it to Wesley's office. Thank god! My feet were killing me. Remind me to get a tour guide next time I go wandering this place. I thanked Robin and watched as he walked off. I hope I remember how to get where. I stood outside Wesley's door kind of anxious and a little excited. If he was still alive I was going to maul him with questions. But not before a great big hug. I knocked on his door and waited for an answer.

(Open to Wesley)
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[22 Jun 2005|11:04am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

I've been at this school for a long time now, so why is it I'm forever looking around the grounds like I'm sort of wide-eyed newbie?

Best I can figure is the fact that we're pretty much our own functioning town, populated by mostly young adult girls separate, more or less, from the entire rest of the country. It's a little insane. Especially when you start thinking about why so many of them are here. Destinies to save the world and all. Sometimes I'm glad I'm just a natural at magicks. Just a lot less pressure that way.

I've never been very fond of pressure. Things being tight money-wise is not the same thing so long as you don't have bill collectors hounding after you endlessly. Not that I have to worry about anything like that as long as I'm here. Just gotta focus on being the best witch I can be. Not exactly the hardest task in the world when I'm sure I've got the best teachers in the world here making sure that actually happens.

I'm not sure what I'm learning here is actual going to be tons useful outside of the school in terms of supporting myself, but I figure I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I've got a ways to go yet to come close to matching any of the teachers...maybe I can even work here when I'm done? Who knows? At this point almost anything seems possible.

But then, I'm sitting under a tree in the middle of a field on a campus so far from city sounds I almost forget there is an outside world half the time, working on homework assignments, so it's hard to think of what's beyond the school. And besides? Really can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be at this moment.

((Open to whomever wants to talk to Linzee))

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