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Slayer Academy

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Welcome to Slayer Academy

Someone is trying to ruin their one good haven in the world, and these Slayers aren't going to take it sitting down.

This community is primarily centered with the incidents at Slayer Academy, a mixed-gender boarding school several hours outside of San Francisco.

The teachers are overcoming a number of obstacles, the least of which are the frequent attacks from the vampires from the neighboring graveyards and the girls wanting to date them. Robin Wood is strongly directing the course of the curriculum, and Wesley is faithfully attempting to employ all of his efforts in providing a good education to the enrolled.

Events have been proceeding at a rather crisp pace since its creation, and they are preparing to make a stand against the influence of twisted slayers who are tempting their student body to leave and pursue careers in chaos, militaristic activities, and Wolfram and Hart.

While they are attempting to bring about physical and mental courage, loyalty to each other, and self reliance they also have to deal with themselves and each other.

The slayer students have all the usual miseries of slayerdom- undead boyfriends who don't love them, or love them too much, or are trying to turn them- as well as their more human counterparts who are trying to learn from Xander the complexities of fighting vampires without super powers.

The personalities here exemplify a rainbow of character from the mousy, to the brave. Nor are they protected from angst- many come from backgrounds of death and misery that leave them moping around with barely repressed feelings like members of the X-Men.

With the firm confidence of youth they believe passionately in whatever they are doing, and one thing is certain- this intimate time in their life will never come again.


1. Be excellent to one another.

2. Contact the Moderator(s) or Helpers if you require help with something. Take it to them, not to the out of character.

3. Original characters welcome and needed! Applications need to include a role playing sample and a storyline concept for your character. A single moderator can approve a application.

4. NC-17 material can happen, although we aren't centered around that. Put it under LJ-Cut.

5. No Drama or Trolling. This includes posting perspectives to the out of character about other players or their characters that may offend them. No disrespect of the mods or undermining their authority. The moderators are here to keep the peace, promote harmony, approve a application, resolve disputes, and to promote the well being of the in-character and out of character community and of all of it's people. Only a single moderator is required to approve a application.

6. Join both the IC and OOC community and pay attention to both.

7. You must make a beautiful post once a week at least 300 words long. It should have correct grammar, be correctly spelled, and be interesting enough and open for other character writers to comment RP on. And please comment to comments to your post at least once a day. It's important to also give play to newer (or under played with) character(s) especially villains. Occasionally a moderator or helper will thoroughly read what has been posted and make a news update to the out of character. And don't write someone elses character for them, and don't godmode.

8. RP can happen both on instant messenger and through comments. Players are welcome to organize their own instant messaging RP sessions and unofficial chats on their own.

9. Three strikes rule for out of character warnings.

10. The OOC is for our community here: Plot discussion and news about slayer_academy, information from wesley_pryce, introductions (tell us about yourself.. give us contact information, etc) and vacation/away announcements. All plot discussion and other posts in general should be posted with security: friends. At the present time this information must first be sent to a moderator or helper and then they may post it. Your moderator is wesley_pryce. The co moderator is bryseia. The helper is fionatesyrol.

11. All new people here must tag the new mun post with their contact information. We have a friends-locked contact list in a central location here: Contact List where they can tag with their contact information after being approved.

12. Please start your character as having been at the Slayer Academy for awhile. The Slayer Academy was founded in February 2004. While you can start your character as 'entering' the community for the first time this is advised against, although if you want to do it that way then you are free to do so. Feel free to write NPC's meeting your character or interacting with your character (such as students, slayers, etc). And write some teachers/watchers/slayers as NPC's sometimes. Chlem is the official greeter. He is a non-player-character that can be controlled by everyone. He's there so that people writing their character just entering the Slayer Academy (although you can just as easily write your character having been there for awhile) have someone to meet to orient them, show them around, show them their dorm and classes and answer their questions and so on.

13. If your character needs to be orientated and shown around and introduced into the in-character Slayer Academy then it is reccomended that you write a non-player-character for this purpose. You are welcome to write your own storyline. Simply post your idea to the cross n stake and whoever wants to be a part of it may comment on your post. That is simply how it should work. Then you or anyone who volunteers and you approve of may lead the storyline yourself with the muns who have expressed interest in participating. If the storyline would involve any major changes to the in-character world (or in-character characters), such as altering power levels of either involved or non involved player characters then a moderator approval is required. You are also welcome to involve your character in one of the other storylines, just ask nicely out of character and let people know what sort of out of character level of guidance you require.

14. Watchers and Slayers choose each other out of character. If you are a slayer that needs a watcher or vice versa, please post a request to the out of character community.

15. In general, promote creativity and peace and respect. This can be a time intensive hobby, let's make it as fun as possible.

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